A little bit about us

The team at Blinkered is made up of professional individuals who are experts in their fields, with a solid grounding in how to apply that expertise to improve the performance of businesses.

Alongside these individuals, Blinkered work with several skilled design and technical experts to provide the best service, result and return on investment for our clients.

Kevin Ashcroft

Kevin Ashcroft


Having sold his longterm business OCD to a PLC in 2011, Kevin spotted a gap in the market to provide a professional and results-oriented digital marketing service to businesses, and launched Blinkered in early 2012.

The skills Kevin brings sit at the crossroads of all the services provided by Blinkered. They include Sales, Marketing, SEO, PPC, Social Media and Content Creation.

What we’re about

Blinkered is all about delivering a bespoke personal digital marketing service, with the sole focus on getting results. We pride ourselves on understanding the framework of small and medium enterprises, and their individual needs for any marketing investment. As well as promoting your business, finding new prospects and winning you new clients, we’re about building relationships, getting you viewed as the expert in your field and improving your bottom line.

What we’re not about

We’re not aiming to win design awards for our clients or even to flatter our egos by making pretty websites. We’re not interested in putting your site on Page 1 of Google for phrases that flood your business with incorrect traffic. We’re not interested in engaging you in meaningless conversations about social media strategy. For us, it’s all about creating sites that are professional and deliver a tangible result.

What our values are and why they are important to our clients

Our core values are honesty, flexibility, integrity and treating people with the respect they deserve – this is the very foundation of how we do business. All our proposals are transparent: if we don’t feel we can add value then we’ll tell you from the outset, and we will never take on a client if we don’t believe we can significantly improve current results.

Why we are different and why that’s important to clients

Unlike other web creation, search engine, social media or digital marketing companies which are founded and led by design or technology people, Blinkered is run by a veteran entrepreneur. (Read more about company founder and CEO, Kevin Ashcroft, here). The major advantage Kevin’s unique business experience provides is the personal touch.

Typically in business, new clients deal initially with a partner or director. Once the contract is signed and sealed, the actual work is then gradually passed down the ranks and may ultimately end up in the hands of the office junior. With Blinkered, Kevin will be your main point of contact throughout, working alongside skilled outsourced experts operating at the top of their professions to provide the best service, result and return on investment.

It’s not just a case of what you see is what you get; it’s who you see is what you get.

Feel free to contact us to arrange a chat or meeting about digital marketing, we’d be delighted to hear from you.